About Guns 4 Pennies Auctions

Purchasing bids:

In order to purchase bids the user must register, check their email for a conformation email, and then login.  Once the user logs in, they can click on the purchase bids and click on the bid plan of their choice.  Once they pick the bid package of their choice they can take their pick of either by credit card, Online check or a secure site.  The account will be credited immediately with the bids package that the user purchased.


How the auctions work:

All auctions start at .01 cent.  After the user buys his bids package they can then go to the product of their choice and click on them. Every bid that the user clicks on the auction goes up only .01 cent.  Each item has a ticking timer on them. How it works is once the user clicks on the bid now button, the ticker resets itself to what ever it is set at.  A ticker can be set from as long as 2 minutes, to as short as 5 seconds.  The tickers time can change in order to keep the auction interesting.  The ticker can get shorter as the time goes on in the auction. The significance of the ticker is that once you bid and the ticker resets itself, if nobody bids and it reaches “0” the last user that bid wins.